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So, he played Last Parade and Strange Days. He was second on the side stage (better imo for the real fans that weren't in the pit) and didn't have a band, just him and the acoustic. It was pretty awesome. Last Parade was how you could imagine him playing it acoustic. Very long and slow, but in a good way. He got a really good reaction from the crowd, who for the most part were probably surprised to see him now and are used to the old Beautiful Midnight days. I didn't take any video because I can't stand doing it, I never really understood going to see someone perform and just seeing them on a tiny screen all night. But there were some people recording it, and hopefully it surfaces on youtube eventually.

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Yeah I think he was still sick, you could tell he felt pretty uncomfortable at some points. 4:43 into that performance, my buddy turns to me and says "he's still fucking got it".

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