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Trailers That Are Better Than The Actual Movie

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they should make a version of Pearl Harbour that is actually like the real thing and not turn it into a love story.


that bothered me on so many levels. terrible movie.


"Pearl Harbour sucked just a little bit more than I miss you!!!!" Classic Team America!!!!


On a side note... my vote in the category better trailer than movie would go to Sin City...

Sorry, but the movie did not live up to the obsession I had with the trailer ;)

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I don't know, Timbo I loved Watchmen. I was expecting absolute shit from day one, then I saw the trailer...and was still skeptical...after seeing the movie the third time, I wasn't disappointed... I haven't seen the director's cut yet...that may be what's missing.

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honestly i prefer the directors cut, it goes deeper into the story and characters, but yah it still doesn't even compare to the novel. And then of course, there is the ultimate cut, ugh.


Also another trailer that was better than the movie has to be The Phantom Menace, my god, I saw that trailer and just lost it, and then Jar Jar Binks was revealed, and my life was sad

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