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jonathan kid

Vancouver Rehearsl Vid

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Am I the only one who thought that clip before Volcanoes sounded like the guitar explosion from I Miss New Wave? Could've just been a figment of my imagination but that's what it reminded me off and Matt did say he'd listened to Beautiful Midnight before rehearsals started.

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yea that what it sounded like i was listening to etp after the video today in between class and was going to say it almost sounds like its from emptys theme park, nice


i think with his catelogue of songs Matt could be playing more each night.


he was mentioning his voice giving out so thats probably why hes not

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I think it probably does have to do with the new band. They are limited to what they've practiced, so the set list can only be so long and unfortunately goes without many of the songs the bigger MG fan would like to hear.

The songs that become priority are the songs that are appealing to the majority.

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