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Official Tour Setlist/review Thread 2009/2010

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I'm going to Nanaimo tomorrow, so I'll have a setlist from that show for sure.


Hopefully someone can up the setlist though. On the last tour didn't they post them on Matt Good's site sometimes?




Apparently Duane Storey has posted the setlist on his facebook page, I don't use facebook though, any chance someone can post it here?

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As posted in the other thread... the setlist from last night was:


The set list from last night:


the boy who could explode

great whales of the sea

born losers

empty's theme park

last parade

hello time bomb


us remains impossible

a silent army in the trees

black helicopter






load me up


looks like a greatest hits and new songs setlist, which is a shame since Matt himself was saying how he wasn't going to play HTB and LMU in the same shows, must get boring to do those songs over and over. Hopefully he changes it up a bit as the tour goes on...

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Yeah I am really getting sick of HTB, LMU and Apparitions... Giant is my fave MGB song though so I am happy/surprised he's still playing it -- considering it was never a single especially! Colour me surprised that On Nights Like Tonight didn't get played though... same with Vancouver National Anthem... really, I am kind of surprised about Faught To Fight it too. Although I knew he wouldn't play all the songs from the new album, I didn't think Empty's Theme Park would be in the set for some reason.

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I was sure Empty's would be played. Though, i figured it would be the last song in the main set...


I'm tired of Time Bomb, he could go all tour and not play it and i would be more than happy. I think Apparations is a staple, should be played. Load Me Up is only interesting the last few years when paired with Generation X-Wing.


Do one or the other... or neither, matt!

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Did he slow down the end of HTB? If he does that I'm ok with him playing it at every show I go to.


I was actually really looking forward to hearing Fought to fight it live. I think that song is going to be great live. Really I'm looking forward to hearing all of the new album.


I hope he mixes up the older songs he plays. I'm always a fan of him throwing in a few songs we don't expect to hear live. Especially because we've heard all the extras (other than the new album) in the recent tours.

His slower more melodical songs are what I want more of.

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We all are looking forward to hearing the new stuff.

Most of us on here have been to his shows more than once and have heard the rest of the material played numerous times. We look forward to some of the more rare stuff which in the opinion of most on here is some of his best work. It's the non-radio hits that brought most hardcore MG fans to really love his work. The setlist is a bit repetative for those who have been fans over the years.

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Well I like the Vancouver stuff, but all those other songs I have heard live so many times before. It seems like the same type of setlist he had for the Massey Hall cd. It is pretty safe. It seems devoid of gems and there are no real surprises. But in Matt's defense it was the first show.

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Just wanted to say too that I am disappointed about Black Helicopters being in there... it's a decent song but if we're running with a limited amount of songs because the ones from the new record are longer... BH does not go on the list as a song that I want to hear in one of those rare spots. Disappointing that WLR&RR has been omitted entirely as well. Think I'd rather have I'm A Window than BH if he really wants two Hospital Music tracks in there.


I understand MG has to try and appeal to casual fans who come to his show too but how many people come to hear HTB, LMU and Apparitions anymore? The band broke up eight years ago and he's got just as many solo records now as he has albums with MGB... I just wonder if there are really that many people left who go to his shows expecting to hear MGB singles so much that it'll ruin the show if they aren't in there.


Either way I imagine it has to be really difficult choosing songs and I'm sure rehearsal time was cut a bit short due to Matt's pneumonia... I'm also sure it's hard to plow through a bunch of songs when the backing band isn't a full-time group like MGB was.

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I don't have a problem with HTB or LMU or Apparitions. Mayne 2/3 would be nice. But it would be cool to have 16 or 17 songs. I know the new stuff is longer, but I also would love to hear New Fantastica or Avalanche, or maybe Everything is Automatic or maybe even Sort of a Protest Song? ;)

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I obviously don't mind any of the new songs on the setlist. I'd love to hear all of them.


However I think I'd pretty much replace every other song with something else, except maybe Giant.


Maybe the real measure of the tour will be TORONTO, and then I can kick myself.

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I'm glad I'm going to both Toronto shows, and I'm glad they're the last 2 shows. Hopefully the band can learn a couple more songs by then. Hopefully both shows will have different setlists.

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I thought it was a good setlist. I thought Black Helicopter was the best live track from the last tour, so I'm glad its back. Ofcourse I have to agree that it is really short. I've been to quite a few MG shows and I don't think I've ever been to one that had only 14 songs? Maybe it was just because it was the first night? Workin' out the bugs?


Would've been nice to see a couple of the other albums represented like WLRRR, but I thought overall it seemed like a pretty high energy setlist.


We all know he's gotta play LMU, Apparitions and HTB though. We should just enjoy the latest incarnations ;)

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