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I am friends with this guy. Don't know how that happened, but I got a message saying that he is selling his album for $11.

Love the sound, very 60's Beatles Vibe to it.

So I did the math, I can afford the $11, sent it his way.

I guess just a topic to share the sound


the message I sent to Bobby

my name Christoffer Haugen

I live in Fargo, North Dakota.

Just a message to tell you that I purchased your album through Paypal.

You should be receiving $11

You have a great sound and I cannot wait to receive your album.

All the best,

Chris Haugen


I love to support the indie (good) artiststs

so what do you all think?

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on Myspace/internet/youtube I am crazy popular. I've got more friends and fans than I can count. Girls are constantly asking me to check out their hot nude photos, but Myspace won't let them put them up. sure, in the "fleshworld" I don't have any friends. but online I am like fucking Hugh Hefner popular.


*sarcasm off*


doesn't he have a cool sound? got a response from him



got it! thanks ! ill send it out tomorrow.


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