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Super Fun Bonus Round! (2009 Mg(b) Elimination)

Massey Hall Live Album  

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  1. 1. What Track From the 2008 Massey Hall release would you like to take on its studio album counterpart in the MG(B) elimination?

    • Champions of Nothing
    • A Single Explosion
    • Odette
    • The Devil's In Your Details
    • Blue Skies Over Bad Lands
    • I'm A Window
    • Giant
    • Avalanche
    • She's In It For The Money
    • Everything Is Automatic

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Originally I came up with 142 songs for the 2009 MG(B) elimination, so I added my two favourite pre-LOTGA tracks (Dancing Invisible and The Ocean) to the competition to get a nice even 144. However, instead of these two songs, I thought maybe we should add the two songs from the Massey Hall album that we think would be better than the original version. Voting for this bonus round will close Wednesday at noon along with Round 1 C. Not included in this vote are songs we've already voted on in round one or songs that already have a second version included in the competition.

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Apparitions was just amazing at that show... I'll have to think about this one


I really like the version of Apparitions from this show. Last time the rooms version of Apparitions lost 29-6 to Apparitions, so maybe this time we'll have apparitions vs apparitions (massey hall) instead, just to mix things up a bit.

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I agree Apparitions should be on the list as well as Black Helicopter. I think I still like the original Apparitions better but the way they did it at Massey Hall was really nice and it could be a very close match-up.


The live version of Champions of Nothing is better but my pick is Blue Skies Over Badlands. It's definitely a standout of this live album. I'm sad to see CON winning by so much and that I'm the only one to vote for BSOBL so far.

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