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How Many Times Have You Seen Matt Live?

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seen matt more than any other artist.

these shows i've been to....


- September 20th 2002 - St. Catharines: Event in a Tent

- April 10th 2003 - Toronto: Kool Haus

- April 12th 2003 - Hamilton: Hamilton Convention Center

- July 16th 2003 - St. Catharines: Arizona's

- June 10th 2004 - Toronto: The Mod Club

- November 5th 2004 - Hamilton: Hamilton Convention Center

- July 14th 2005 - St. Catharines: Arizona's

- March 31st 2006 - St. Catharines: Issac's Pub, Brock Uni

- November 2nd 2007 - Hamilton: Hamilton Place

- March 29th 2008 - Buffalo: Club Infinity

- June 12th 2008 - St. Catharines: Arizona's

- August 30th 2008 - Niagara on the Lake: Jackson Triggs Winery


shows coming up...


December 17th 2009 - Hamilton: Hamilton Place

December 19th 2009 - Toronto: Massey Hall

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July 2005 Arizona's.


Oct 2005 Buffalo, Toronto


Also two other times in Buffalo I don't remember when.


Stephen (here is no why) would you like to do a meet up in Toronto for the Dec 19th show?


I remember my Pearl Jam shows more...

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A meager three times, October 2004 in Antigonish, N.S., October 2007 at what was the Marquee Club and in May 2008 at the Cunard Center, both in Halifax. Don't remember much from the 2004 show which kinda pisses me off, went on a whim with a guy who just so happened to have an extra ticket. Still have the MG shirt from the show though, the one that's similar to the old RCAF logo. Still fits too, plan on wearing it to the next Halifax show. I just wish there was a better venue than the Cunard Center, the sound really isn't the greatest. Now, solo acoustic at the Rebecca Cohn... *drool*

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I have been to every single appearance in southern Alberta from 1998 to the present. I've been to a few Edmonton shows when I could swing it. I saved my ticket stubs up until 2004, and then misplaced a few. The last shows I went to were last winter in Banff (X92.9 gig) and then Medicine Hat. Medicine Hat was show number 50. I'll be in Calgary for the next 2 shows, but I will have to miss Red Deer this time due to a shortage in funds.


Some day...I'll see a show without Apparitions attached:) The only time he hasn't played it in the last 11 years was when he had his teeth knocked out at Wild Bills in Banff '04. It was due to be played during the encore, but he just couldn't keep playing. I don't know if the mic failing at the Stampede the following year counts or not, since the crowd was happy to pick up the lyrics.

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Only once, which sucks. But this tour will be number 2! I've been a fan for years of his work, but only went on his acoustic tour for Hospital Music. Then when he swung by Regina again last year I bought 2 tickets...but no one would go with me...even for free. So I just returned them. I should have gone alone, but I didn't feel like it.


Before I clued in to his touring, I would have had multiple opportunities. But living in Regina presents very few compared to the GTA or Vancouver. I would go to every show in the GTA if I could! Some people are very lucky, there. But when he goes through the prairies he tends to only do one show in a province, if that.

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Toronto - Kool Haus 2004

Toronto - Phoenix 2005

Toronto - Massey Hall 2007

Toronto - Massey Hall 2008

Toronto Kool Haus CASBYS 2009


Soon to be

Toronto - Massey Hall 2009

Toronto - Massey Hall 2009

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Been a fan a Matt Good for approx. 10 years, but I never really thought to go to concerts until about 3 years ago:


The Mod Club - April 12th, 2006

Red Deer Memorial Centre - September 22nd, 2007

Jack Singer Hall - September 25th, 2007

Massey Hall - October 26th, 2007

Centre in the Square - June 5th, 2008

Mississauga Waterfront Festival - June 13th, 2008 (Though I guess it doesn't really count as the show was cancelled about 2 mins before he took the stage due to rain)

Ontario Shores Centre - October 8th, 2009


Massey Hall - December 19th, 2009

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