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play a good game, pass the info on to everyone else so they can give it a shot...


i rented and am playing through Psi-Ops, a game where one uses mental powers and machine guns to fight a conspiracy, which is actually pretty twisted and intelligent...


what makes this game good: its absolutely malicious and the mental powers are wonderfully fun and evil..


telekenisis: you can lift objects and hurl them at enemies, including explosive objects, corpses and other enemies...you can lift enemies and while they are suspended in the air, shoot them...or if you are low on ammo smash them into walls until they die...if one climbs on top of a box one can levitate that and sort of fly around...its fun


pyrokenisis: you can use your mental powers to light things on fire, boxes, enemies, what not....of course if you hurl said burning objects at other enemies they too can be immolated


mind control: yes, you can take over most enemies to do your bidding...you can attack other enemies, and they wont suspect a thing....or even more enjoyable make the mind controled subject kill themselves...


mind drain: to use mental powers one has an finite amount of "psi power"...to recharge it a little you can suck the mental power out of dead enemies...to restore it all sneak up on an unsuspecting foe...this however has a wonderful effect, the enemies head explodes!!!


this game is awesome!

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Last game I played was Doom 3...excellent, too. I actually wrote a review a few weeks ago on a forum I moderate.


Totally Off Topic, Video Game Section - Doom 3


Plenty of Screenshots for you there.


If you like the psionic stuff and don't mind playing an older PC game...try System Shock 2. It's kinda a first person shooter/RPG. You can go for technical skill (NAVY), combat skill (MARINE), or psionic powers (PSI-CORPS), or a combination. Pretty cool game.

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I am about shooters, RPGs, and the odd racer or flight sim


on such a note Crimson Skies, which is an older game is very enjoyable...its on ym list of games to buy when they are cheap


well designed aerial combat, zephyrs, and the fact that you are playing a sky pirate

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I am so there on the HALO...love the MC...


and i too will definitely buy HALO2....but i might just rent KOTOR2, i beat KOTOR so many times when i rented it, that it wasnt worth buying...but i will definitely buy Mechassault2, love the first...and im interested in Fable, Starcraft Ghost, Goldeneye, Jade Empire, FR: Demon Stone...ah its gonna be expensive

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I'm a big fan of Metroid Prime. To beat it comprehensively takes a long time and the involving nature of some of the puzzles.


I can't wait till Prime 2 comes out, it's going to bring a whole new look to the game, as there will be two worlds and things of that nature.

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well Nintendo did fail to renew their exclusive contract with Rare, so we may see some nintendo titles appear on other counsels...


one such title Perfect Dark Zero which was originally slated for gamecube is now exclusively for the Xbox...i cant wait! reminds me of my N64 days...even though they animed it up



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i buy all my games used from EB...and if i wait a while for ones i have beat but like i can pick 'em up for $20...besides im a rent and beat fella with most games, and only buy the ones i really like

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