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Most Under-rated Mg(b) Song?

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Don't really think this is under-rated at all... most fans think of it as one of his greatest pieces of work. At least around here.



Here, yes it does get some love. To most Matt fans outside of here, they have no clue about it. I've met some "big time" Matt fans who skip past this track and never give it a second thought.

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I think I Miss New Wave is rated properly.


to me, underrated (i'll go by album since too hard):


she's got a new disguise


jenni's song

I, the throw away

in a world called catastrophe


not sure about the rest of those albums' songs as they're never discussed. I guess those albums are underrated.



ALSO, peeple will kill me but I think Fated is an overrated song. It's very good but not one of the all time greats.

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Double Life is definitely underrated. I would say Rico as well, it's not his best song by any stretch, but I don't think it deserves the reputation it has. I would also say Put Out Your Lights, Poor Man's Grey, Little Terror, Look Happy, My Out Of Style, Middle Class Gangsters, Invasion 1, Let's Get It On, Going All The Way, Failing The Rorschach Test and Jenni's Song are all underrated.

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Failing the Rorschach Test for sure...i think it has the one of the highest play counts of anything off BM


Maybe Buffalo Seven from the solo stuff. I was a little upset when it lost to Last Parade in the song vs. song tourney, but it was expected.

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