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If Any Kind Soul Is Going To See Matt Good On Tour

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A fan of Matt Good's for over a dozen years, I recently went to see him front row at the Abbotsford Performance Arts Center with one of my best friends. We went out back after the AMAZING concert, hoping to possibly get to meet Matt. We weren't aware that he wasn't meeting/signing that night (nor this tour, thanks H1N1!) we planned to go back in after to buy autographed CDs and posters and whatnot, but well we kind of forgot : :angry:


I have watched Ebay and any other websites I could think to, steadily, since Abbotsford, but have had no luck. The only way to get autographed items is at the concerts, so if anyone here plans to go to a concert in the very near future and wouldn't mind buying some stuff for me, I can pay over paypal or mail or whatever. Please send me a private message if you would like to contact me, thanks ;)

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