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I'd love to hear this song live one day. There was some talk last year during the tour when they had a guy on keyboards of doing some piano songs and I was hoping they'd play this, or All Together, but they didn't end up having time to reherse them I think.

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it's also been in the nf store since it came out! and yeah, the mono one is the only one that came out. one of our guys tried to remaster it though but i can't remember if that's the one i put in the store.


edit: nvm, there's a higher quality version.

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Matt had the stereo version available for download on his website 2-3 yrs ago.

The sound quality on it is pretty good (160kbps, Joint Stereo).

I haven't checked the one in the NF Store, so I'm not sure how it compares.


I think I have that version.. though I don't really remember how I got it.


Mine says 167 kbps (Variable Bit Rate), Joint Stereo.

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