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Harry Potter vs. Luke Skywalker

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That is pointless... The parallels are not that well defined. The original Star War's synopsis was flawed. First: Luke was not rescued from the Lars, The Lars where killed by the imperials while Luke finding Obi-Wan. Next, Leia is Luke's sister, Hermine is not Harry's sister (Unless she is the illegitimate child of one of Harry's parents... but that only makes her half sister). Next: Voldermort is not Harry's father, Darth is Luke's father. Next: Luke blew up the death star, a craft that could blow up a planet; All Harry did was win a crappy game of Quididge (fuck spelling that right).


Lake would whip Harry in a fight... I mean it's light saber vs crappy wand.



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It says that Luke was saved from aliens, not his his aunt and uncle. Also, this refers to the first story in the Harry Potter series and the first movie in the Star Wars trilogy, so going by those two, we don't know that Vader is Luke's father and that Leia is his twin sister.


Didn't Luke kick Darth Vader's ass? Obi Wan Kenobi kicked Anakin into a lava pit or something, and that's how he became mostly a machine. Therefore, Vader's ass is kickable.

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*clears throat*


though luke was not saved from the assault on the Lars homestead, Obi-wan did save him from the Tuskan Raiders (aka the sand people)...


And according to the movie Anakin lost his arm deuling Darth whats-his face in the shitty episode 2 i dont really care to learn everything about....


and luke didnt defeat vader....vader lobbed off his arm...and luke may have wounded vader a little...but than vader switched sides (worst turn of events ever) and knocks emperror palpatine down the generater shaft but is mortally wounded by force lightening doing so...


just to set things right

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