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Most Epic Concerts You've Had The Chance To Attend...

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Yeah. I just couldn't remember the order. I also got to see the "man" trilogy, Betterman, Nothingman, Leatherman.


I've only heard live versions of Leatherman, do you know if there's a studio recording?


edit: Nevermind, I just found out it's on the Given To Fly single.

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seeing the last i mother earth show ever at georgian college was pretty sweet. it wasn't "epic" really, aside from the set-length, but it was definitely one of those shows that i'll always remember, and i might not have known it then, but it was also a fairly important concert in terms of their career, so that's cool too. it probably would've been better had the opening acts been even remotely tolerable.


i guess you could say that going to NXNE this year was pretty epic. 5 days of as much music as i could handle for only $50. it was amazing, and i think i only went to shows on three or four of those days. not only did i see kick ass bands like no age and king khan & BBQ show, but i got to see the sonics! i was dead tired by the end of it all, but i'm definitely going to do it again next year.

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Honestly the best show I've ever been to was Matt Good's acoustic show in Buffalo in 2007. It was one of the best nights of my life.


Smashing Pumpkins in NY in 2008 was also incredible because they fucking rocked the house down despite people booing. Actually that just made it more enjoyable, I think.

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Pearl Jam, Buffalo 1996... No Code Tour (they only did a handful of shows while dealing with the ticket master stuff at the time) and it was a great set. First time I ever went crowd riding, as well...


The MG show in Hamilton 2008 is up there as well.... what a show.

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the sars concert was pretty epic as an event. pearl jam played for like 2.5 hours when i saw them.. bowie was epic because bowie is epic. rammsteins last show in canada 8 years ago.. nine inch nails at kool haus was fucking ridiculous. nine inch nails and a perfect circle in 2000. alice in chains reunion tour #1. tool when they still had their hearts in it (prior to 2005). that's all i can think of.


i thought the mars volta were going to be epic but they absolutely sucked balls. epic fail.

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how do you figure tool don't have their hearts in it anymore?


their last album was incredible.


their performances are shit. no passion, no emotion, no effort. just get on stage, play note for note and leave. no interaction. nothing. their last album was also not so incredible. don't get me wrong, i am a fan and i've seen every show in the GTA/hamilton for the past 9 years except for the last one that i chose not to attend because of this.

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MG ottawa acoustic show 2007


U2 in montreal in 2000 (or 2001, can't quite remember), was on the Elevation tour. Was AWESOME!!! And before they went a bit cheesy.


Metallica last Sept in Montreal, had front-row floor spot, my first Metallica concert ever, crowd was amazing. Caught a pic Kirk Hammett threw into the crowd.


But, my most epic was Metallica last Nov on Ottawa, also had a front-row floor spot, during a song James Hetfield pointed at me and looked straight in my eyes while riffing for about 5 good seconds. Then i got in a mock-argument near the end of the show with Lars cuz he was motioning to the audience "ok we're done" then i started yelling "get the fuck back to your drums" then he saw me and we traded barbs for like 10 seconds or so, it was hilarious. Then at the end of the show Lars handed me a drumstick, but really made me work for it, he made me jump up on the barricade to reach it, and someone in the band threw me another pick (they throw tons of picks at the end of the show). AWESOME!!!!!! Oh and during the show James played Fade to Black while switching from acoustic to electric guitar, which he hadn't done since about 1986.

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