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Wwii In Colour

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The History channel has launched a new TV miniseries where they take old WWII footage and restore the colour and put it out in High def. I saw the first episode, and all I have to say is wow, they took an idea that could be very affective and just ruined it. They spent the first 20 minutes flooring through the history of the war as if it was not important, and then focused on the American aspect of the war. To me they messed up, but how does anyone else who has seen the show feel?


Link to site: http://www.history.com/content/wwii-in-hd

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i unno, learn real information, and not some stupid story about the army trying saving one soldier. Don't me wrong, the beginning of the movie is amazing and realistic, but after that its just gets bad. Not that this show is any better actually

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