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Matt And Bands Gear

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Does anyone have a list or photos of Matt's and the rest of the bands pedalboard? Very curious as to what he uses live. I've seen some pictures by Matt of a Fulltone 69 fuzz and older analog delay. I see the fawn AC30's on stage, and a older AC15TBR on the left of the stage. There doesnt seem to be any info at all on their gear. Matt doesnt even appear to have an actual board live, seems like a few pedals thrown down on the floor. Any ideas?

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matt has 4 ac30hh2 amps, limited edition numbers 2-5 apparently. i know he uses a sparkledrive overdrive pedal, and from the recording pics he has a maxon analog delay and fulltone 69 fuzz. guitars are various telecasters, es335's, vintage SG w/ p90's, the rockmaster (built for him by fender, neck humbucker and humbucker sized p90 in the bridge), i don't know if he has played it yet but i saw his mustang in the rack as well.


stu is using a gibson 135 with either p100's or p90's (depending if he swapped out the stock pickups), a les paul, and what looks like a custom built telecaster clone. not sure what he has for pedals outside of the diamond memory lane 2 (EXPENSIVE delay that is made in canada) that you can hear all over the live vids, into a vox ac15


milos has i fuzz, phase and overdrive into an ampeg amp IIRC and uses jazzbasses.


if anyone gets a shot of matt or stu's pedals i can probably ID them better


from the below pic it also appears stu has a volume pedal for all of the swells, an MXR phase 90 and compressor of some kind (possibly mxr dynacomp). the pedal by the left of the mic stand *kind of* looks like an Electro Harmonix micro-pog but i don't know where he would be using that on this tour, it gives a pretty distinct sound (like an organ, jack white uses the full size version on pretty much everything now).




also tag on a tuner for all 3 guys as well

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After seeing some recent photos looks like Stu has a MXR Dyna comp, phase 90?, Diamond memory lane, and either a Hotcake or Fulltone OCD? Some are guesses.


the dynacomp makes sense, Jeff mentioned that the vintage ones were dave genn's secret weapon and he had a box full of them

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