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Mg / Mgb Love Songs

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This may have been commented on before but I'll ask anyways. What MG / MGB songs would you consider love songs? I figure someday maybe I'll get married and since Matthew Good is my favorite musician I would like to dance to one of his songs.

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heathers like sundays - maybe : )


As long as your mine


Whispering in the Dark is probably the best "love song" imo.



MG really doesn't have much in the way of dancy pop love songs, heck he doesn't have a ton of love songs spun in a positive way at all.

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Song For The Girl is really the only obvious love song he's written, not including the demos. All Together seems like it would be a nice song to slow dance to, but the only part that makes it sound like a "love song" is the "baby if you could put me all together" line. Same with Running For Home, but there's nothing in it that makes it sound like a love song, in fact I believe it's about suicide, so probably not a good wedding song choice lol. I'd say Giant for the "I'm your man, baby, I'm your man" line, but in the context of the chorus I think it's an ironic lyric, not too mention it's too fast. As Long As You're Mine would be my pick regarding the demos. He's got a lot of songs about love, but most aren't particularly happy, either about heartbreak and disillusionment (like In It For The Money) or are nostalgic (It's Been A While).

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I'm getting married in May. We're using Song For The Girl as our first dance.


We've also decided for our entrance song into the reception to use the beginning of Near Fantastica. Clearly we're going to make sure our entrance is complete before he starts singing "The pink pills are for your sanity".


Matt Good is the one artist we can both agree on endlessly. Sort of a bond of ours.

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The interesting part to me is that I have to supply those two songs to the DJ. They are legally only allowed to use what their licensing agrees they can use. I have to sign a waiver saying I have not illegally acquired the music and that I actually paid for the song. They have about five songs.


They have the rights to use Apparitions, Strange Days, Alert Status Red, Symbolistic White Walls, Hello Time Bomb, and It's Been A While Since I Was Your Man. None of these really strike me as ideal songs to play at a wedding....

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