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If I Never Have To Watch

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A Christmas Story ever again, it is not enough. It's a Christmas classic, and they play it for 24 hours. so it has to be good. pass.


but the kid gets his tongue stuck on the pole

and the other kid wants a bb gun for Christmas. but everyone tells him that he will shoot his eye out.

even Santa Claus, who hates kids, tells him this.

and his brother can't move his arms after his mom wraps him up to walk to school.

you have to fucking like it.



only 364 days until I have to watch it again.


merry christmas

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This is the first year I haven't watched any of it. I usually catch some of it during the holidays but I don't think I've sat through an entire run of it in years. I feel as though seeing the ads for it on CBC have fulfilled my quota for the year.

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