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The Question Above You Game

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"do more drugs"







if you were an alternative rock band from the late eighties, before shit really blew up, what would you call yourselves?

would you be attracted to any woman that you might be, to, simply because of the standards of the time?

gosh i'm glad we've moved on from shoulder pads in women's clothing

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up my butt and around the corner!!!









how do you pacify intense cravings you might have (for, say, a particular taste or a melody stuck in your head), when you can't actually name the song stuck in your head/ what your tastebuds long for, et cetera?

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sometimes, usually hits me at the glory hour and the split second when i am trying to fall asleep

then begins my internal debate, should I

A) get up and download it


B) try really hard to remember it when I wake up

tends to be more B than A


my question


Do you smell what the Rock is cooking?

i'm funni

see, cause it's the 21st century, I'm all modern like that.

the question remains



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