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2009-10 Matthew Good Band Elimination

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Round 3 Group B results!


1) Weapon vs. A Silent Army in the Trees 23-2

2) Tripoli vs. House of Smoke and Mirrors 15-10

3) Great Whales of the Sea vs. A Single Explosion 8-17

4) 99% of Us is Failure vs. A Long Way Down 17-8

5) Advertising on Police Cars vs. Omissions of the Omen 21-4

6) Change of Season vs. A Boy and His Machine Gun 12-12* **


* denotes abstention

** Change of Season won because it got to 12 first


Round 3 Group C (toughest round yet)


1) The Vancouver National Anthem vs. Empty's Theme Park

VNA defeated:

- Deep Six 20-3

- Haven't Slept In Years (Raygun) 22-1

Empty's Theme Park defeated:

- The Inescapable Us 16-5

- Blue Skies Over Bad Lands 15-8

- MY VOTE - Empty's Theme Park


2) The Rat Who Would Be King vs. The Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production

The Rat Who Would Be King defeated:

- She's Got a New Disguise 17-4

- North American For Life 23-0

Workers defeated:

- Poor Man's Grey 21-1

- Bright End of Nowhere 12-9

- MY VOTE - The Rat


3) Born to Kill vs. Apparitions

Born to Kill defeated:

- Born to Kill (lo-fi) 20-2

- Life In Spite of Itself 19-2

Apparitions defeated:

- Apparitions (rooms) and Apparitions (Massey Hall) in a three way battle

- Let's Get It On 16-5

- MY VOTE - Born to Kill


4) Man of Action vs. Running For Home

Man of Action defeated:

- In a World Called Catastrophe 20-3

- Lullaby For the New World Order 21-2

Running For Home defeated:

- My Life as a Circus Clown 21-2

- The Future Is X-Rated 16-7

- MY VOTE - Man of Action


5) Giant vs. Prime Time Deliverance

Giant defeated:

- The Boy Who Could Explode 20-3

- Vermillion 20-3

Prime Time Deliverance defeated:

- Prime Time (rooms) 17-5

- Fearless 18-3

- MY VOTE - Prime Time Deliverance (almost had a momentary lapse in judgement and voted for Giant (which I love) but Prime Time is just too damn good)


6) Strange Days vs. Avalanche

Strange Days defeated:

- Strange Days (rooms) 19-3

- I'm a Window 16-3

Avalanche defeated:

- Avalanche (Massey Hall) 16-6

- Us Remains Impossible 19-2

- MY VOTE - Avalanche


Voting for this round will end on Friday January 8 @ noon. Happy voting!

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