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Pete Yorn "day I Forgot" And "nightcrawler"

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I've become a pretty big Pete Yorn fan since I checked out "Back and Fourth" when Matt plugged it on his site. I've been trying to find his previous 2 albums, Day I Forgot and Nightcrawler for a while now, they aren't available on iTunes Canada. I've looked around a bit in stores for them as well, but haven't had any luck. Are these two albums not available in Canada or something? Anyone know anything about this?


I find it odd, "Musicforthemorningafter" is available in iTunes Canada, I guess that was his first major release. But those two aren't, they aren't even available to order on HMV's website.

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Thats odd. I own both Day I Forgot and Nightcrawler, they are very much available in Canada. I had seen them at HMV but then opted to buying them from a used music store because they were pretty much half the cost. I live in Toronto though, so I guess stuff's easier to find here.


Hmm... I just checked the HMV site and now see what you're talking about.. they don't even show up.. although, ever since they changed their site around (a few months ago), I've tried checking for stuff that I know they stock ('cause I've seen it in stores) and the site says it doesn't exist even though it clearly does. So it could be a site error, but who knows. You'd probably have to go to an HMV and ask them to order them for you, just to make sure that they still carry them.


But I'd definitely try a used music store if you haven't already. And if not, amazon.ca.

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