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2009-10 Matthew Good (band) Elimination

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Round 2.5 and 3.5 results!


Round 2.5... extremely tight battle for second, but Truffle Pigs dominated...


Truffle Pigs 29

Volcanoes 14

Flight Recorder From Viking 7 13.5

Blue Skies Over Bad Lands 13.5

Symbolistic White Walls 13

Champions of Nothing (Massey Hall) 13

Fearless 7.5

Bright End of Nowhere 7.5

Empty Road 5.5

I'm a Window 4.5

Double Life 4

Life In Spite of Itself 3.5

Anti-Pop 3

21st Century Living 3

Hello Time Bomb 2

If I Was a Tidal Wave 1

Vermillion 1

North American For Life 1

Load Me Up 1

Let's Get It On 1

The War is Over 1

Jenni's Song 0.5


Round 3.5... surprised by this result, didn't think We're So Heavy would get through after barely winning in the second round and losing to one of the weaker songs in the top 18...


We're So Heavy 17

Apparitions 16.5

Giant 14.5

A Boy and His Machine Gun 13.5

The Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production 13.5

Running For Home 13

I Miss New Wave 12.5 (even if i counted sodamntired's 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place votes for this song, it still would have missed the cut by half a point)

House of Smoke and Mirrors 9.5

On Nights Like Tonight 4.5

A Long Way Down 4

Great Whales of the Sea 4

Omissions of the Omen 3.5

Strange Days 3

A Silent Army in the Trees 3

The Fall of Man 2.5

The Vancouver National Anthem 2

Flashdance II 2

Last Parade 1


Round 4 Group A


1) Suburbia vs. 18) Tripoli

Suburbia defeated:

- Agoraphobe 17-2

- Jenni's Song 19-3

- On Nights Like Tonight 25-2

Tripoli defeated:

- Tripoli (rooms) 10-7

- Fought to Fight It 22-0

- House of Smoke and Mirrors 15-10

- MY VOTE - Suburbia


2) Advertising on Police Cars vs. 17) Born Losers

Advertising on Police Cars defeated:

- Police Cars (rooms) 20-1

- Generation X-Wing (rooms) 21-2

- Omissions of the Omen 21-4

Born Losers defeated:

- Raygun 13-4

- I Am Not Safer Than a Bank 22-0

- We're So Heavy 14-13

- MY VOTE - Advertising on Police Cars


3) Near Fantastica vs. 16) Empty's Theme Park

Near Fantastica defeated:

- Near Fantastica (HOSAM) (acoustic) 17-2

- Double Life 21-1

- The Fall of Man 22-5

Empty's Theme Park defeated:

- The Inescapable Us 16-5

- Blue Skies Over Bad Lands 15-8

- The Vancouver National Anthem 19-5

- MY VOTE - Empty's Theme Park


Round 4.5


1) We're So Heavy vs. 8) Life Beyond the Minimum Safe Distance

We're So Heavy...

- defeated Strangest One of All 18-4

- defeated Anti-Pop 14-10

- lost to Born Losers 14-13

Life Beyond the Minimum Safe Distance...

- lost to A Boy and His Machine Gun 15-7

- MY VOTE - We're So Heavy


2) Apparitions vs. 7) All Together


- defeated Apparitions (Massey Hall) and Apparitions (rooms) 38-15-13

- defeated Let's Get it On 16-5

- lost to Born to Kill 14-10

All Together...

-lost to While We Were Hunting Rabbits 20-5

- MY VOTE - Apparitions


3) Truffle Pigs vs. 6) Fated

Truffle Pigs...

- defeated Truffle Pigs (rooms) 17-5

- lost to While We Were Hunting Rabbits 15-9


-lost to Bright End of Nowhere 12-10

- MY VOTE - Truffle Pigs


4) Volcanoes vs. 5) Failing the Rorschach Test


- defeated Little Terror 16-9

- lost to I Miss New Wave 12-12

Failing the Rorschach Test...

- lost to Weapon 10-7

- MY VOTE - Failing the Rorschach Test


Voting for this round will end either the evening of Thursday, January 21st or the morning of Friday, January 22nd. Happy voting!

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This has officially wrestled it's way into my conscience. I find myself wondering what's going to come out on top each day like its the NFL playoffs or something. Bravo.





Near Fantastica


We're So Heavy


Truffle Pigs


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