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Favorite Matthew Good Quote?

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"If I were dead, my epitaph would read:


-'Hardly worth it.'"


- "This world is filled with things that will never make sense. Trying to make so much sense of them will only result in one thing. Spending the rest of your life trying to remember what you were like before any of it mattered. "


- "I would like nothing more than to walk around wearing a shirt with a giant arrow pointing downwards, but I have this strange feeling that most people would take it as some kind of sexual suggestion rather than an attempt to infer one's final destination."

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Copy and pasted from my facebook:


"Impossibility is a greater motivational force than probability. The human condition dictates this."- Matthew Good


"The future is nothing more than you think it should be... the disappointing feature about that is that it rarely becomes all that you hope it would."- Matthew Good


"Chad Kroeger once said something to the effect that he makes hamburgers because they

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