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Amazing Canadian band. I don't really know what to compare them to, so here's a few different tracks from this fantastic band. I think they may have cracked my top 5, as they have some odd sort of indescribable quality that I just really really enjoy. Maybe you will too.


Their most slow/chillout track, with an AWESOME video. It's OK:



Something gritty, almost grunge-esque. Speak to Me Bones:



"I know how to kill but I hate how it feels..." Got a Call:



One more. A standard rock track. Some Are Lakes:


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I don't think she's "part" of them, but Land of Talk toured with them and I think Lizzie performed with them a few times. Though I guess the whole point of BSS is that it's just a giant mashup of awesome Canadian (well, mostly Torontonian) indie bands, so yeah, I see your point haha. I'm sure they all know each other and stuff.


Edit: Also, if anyone is curious, they rocked HARD live. Probably in my top 5 shows ever. They played everything a LOT harder and grungier. It was fucking wicked.

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