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here's mine.....under the topic of "Favorite Matt Good Quote"

QUOTE (sodamntired @ Dec 8 2004, 06:31 PM)

If I were dead, my epitaph would read:


-'Hardly worth it.'

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Jul 7 2004, 09:57 PM



Name: Lauren

Joined: 7-July 04

From: Ottawa

Member No.: 223



i was somehting about it in the faq section but i didn't want to read 6 pages of discussion. here is what i have found:

From The Edmonton Journal (author: Sandra Sperounes):


"For Matthew Good, 2001 was an extremely bad year.


His ill-fated band was struggling to make its final record, The Audio of Being. He broke up with his girlfriend of eight years and moved into a ridiculously cramped bachelor apartment in Vancouver.


As his world was crumbling around him, Good managed to find a tiny shred of solace in the unlikeliest item: a '50s-style drawing of a bunch of guys (7) on horseback, standing at the edge of a cliff.


"I taped it to the edge of the wall next to my bed," he says. "My bed was next to a sliding glass door and I never closed the curtains so there was always light coming in. The only time I had when I wasn't thinking of the despair of the situation was when I was looking at that picture."


That drawing, his former apartment and his feelings of futility are now immortalized on Buffalo Seven, one of 13 tracks on Good's latest solo album, White Light Rock & Roll Review. "


maybe you have already read this. if so, good for you haha.

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replying to Dan #1's question whether Matt G would be a good Prime Minister:


"Well, Matt is very intelligent, but he has no experience as a politician, so maybe he should run for Premier of BC or something before he becomes leader of our country.


I also am a little leary about how agressive Matt's policies would be. He's not exactly a "diplomatic" type of guy, which isn't bad, he just says things like it is. He'd probably make a ton of enemies by what he says.


I'd have to know Matt's policies first."



Hmm i have to say i still agree with myself 5 and a half years later!

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