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Rebels Vs. Empire

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which career would have the better choice?


Let's break it down, shall we?


Death Star Pros:


Looks like a place with a good salary

Paid vacation

Sick leave

8-5 job (unless you get the night shift)

Fast promotions

Dental plan


Death Star Cons:


If you call in sick, you either bring in a doctors excuse, or get force choked by Vader

Crap training. Stormtroopers have the worst aim and common sense

Yes, you might get a fast promotion, but that highers the odds of getting force choked as soon as you mess up

Rebels seem to have almost perfect aim. Chances are that you'll get killed in a shootout against a Gun.




Rebel Pros:


Fun environment

No doctors excuse needed

If you ever feel that the cause is just worth it, you can join the Death Star

If you're ever in a shootout against stormtroopers, chances are, they won't hit you. Unless of course, you're a secondary good old friend of a main character.


Rebels Cons:


Crappy salary

No benefits unless you win the war

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If u are an imperial there's a ton more places to work than the death Star. You can work on a Star destroyer or drive an AT-AT or Speeder Bike or shit like that.


I'd say imperial would be better. There equipment is new and shiny, not old pieces of rusted crap. On the down side, there doesn't seem to be ANY women in the empire. Think about it, how many did u see in the movies?

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Imperial Stormtrooper 1 - "Hey where the bitches at?"

Imperial Stormtrooper 2 - "I don't know, this damned Death Star is a sausagefest"

Imperial Stormtrooper 3 - "Hey boys, I guess I'm the only game in town."

Imperial Stormtrooper 1 - "Don't ask?"

Imperial Stormtrooper 2 - "Don't tell. I got firsts."

Imperial Stormtrooper 1 - "Oh great, sloppy seconds"

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I've gotta say getting some on some cap planet like Tatooine would make working for the Empire unbearable. The rebels change of scenery on a regular basis, though Hoth isn't exactly beachfront property.

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The farming the stickiest of the icky for The Hutt. Had to keep it on the downlow so the Empire wouldn't bust their asses.


Hey, Hoth was a great winter vacationland, Tauntaun Rides, Snowspeeding, crosscountry skiing....

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and what were Luke's "parents" farming?


Those weren't his parents, they were his Aunt and Uncle.


They were farming moisture. Sucked it from the atmosphere. I'm sure it would be a nice commodity on such a dry planet!


from 'A New Hope':


Uncle Owen: "What I really need is a droid who understands the binary language of moisture vaporators."

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