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Just because something new comes out from Apple or Google or Nintendo doesn't mean its any better than something a competitor makes. I hate people who make a giant fucking big deal when something new is released from a particular company they like and then gush or it, when there can be better products that are similar on the market.


It's like, when gmail came out everyone i knew started changing their hotmail accounts over to gmail. I'm like WHY?? It's basically the same fucking thing. jesus fucking christ.

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or when they have changed Facebook.


I like old facebook.

There's a way to change it back.

just join the group and invite all of your friends.

We Legalized Weed

We prevented Facebook from charging us.

We have to do this.

Change happens. get used to it.

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I watched the iPad keynote thing and was rather underwhelmed. I fail to see what the big deal is - the Pad is just a glorified Kindle or Nook that has internet. I can still do everything an iPad does on a laptop, and it's not that much of an inconvenience to carry a laptop around either.


I had a Mac supporter in the room with me when I watched the keynote, she was psyched as hell. 'What else lets you read a book that you just downloaded?!' *sigh* I don't see big sales for this thing.

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