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Youtube Question

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I know that a 360p compared to a 480p video improves the audio when you set a higher res. In terms of clarity, 360 and 480 are a bitrate of 96, when the standard bare minimum for quality audio is 128kbps. I believe the lower settings are mono and the higher are stereo. Youtube changes its settings constantly; a couple years ago they had 128 bitrate on 480 vids, then they restricted it to higher resolution, then they restored it to 480. I stopped following their changes since they are all too often, but definitely if you want to know one way or the other if the audio can be improved, the higher resolutions always have better bitrates.


Edit: Fail, I didn't notice til after replying that this post was from 2010! I saw Feb 11th and assumed that today being the 14th it was a recent question.

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