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2009-10 Matthew Good (band) Elimination

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Placements Round results!


Prime Time Deliverance 23

Empty's Theme Park 17

Tripoli 13

Born to Kill 13

The Fine Art of Falling Apart 12

Change of Season 5

Single Explosion 4

Failing the Rorschach Test 0

99% of Us is Failure -6

Born Losers -9


As I mentioned in last round's thread, I made a huge mistake by leaving the 4th round losers out of the vote back rounds. As a result Apparitions (which lost to Born to Kill) is slated to compete in the top 10. Born to Kill is currently tied with Tripoli to finish the elimination 13th place. This obviously makes no sense, so to correct it the top song from this round, which is Prime Time Deliverance, will compete with Apparitions for the tenth spot. Since I don't expect this to be close, this round will end on Monday, and then we will commence the top 10, rather than letting this go for a whole week. If it is close, I'll leave it until Thursday.


so here it is...


Prime Time Deliverance vs. Apparitions

Prime Time Deliverance...

- defeated Prime Time Deliverance (rooms) 17-5

- defeated Fearless 18-3

- defeated Giant 15-8

- lost to Sort of a Protest Song 13-13


- defeated Apparitions (Massey Hall) and Apparitions (rooms) 38-15-13

- defeated Let's Get it On 16-5

- lost to Born to Kill 14-10

- defeated All Together 18-7

- defeated Truffle Pigs 13-7

- defeated Failing the Rorschach Test 17-9

- MY VOTE - Prime Time Deliverance


...and just to break that nasty tie


Born to Kill vs. Tripoli

Born to Kill...

- defeated Born to Kill (lo-fi) 20-2

- defeated Life In Spite of Itself 19-2

- defeated Apparitions 14-10

- lost to While We Were Hunting Rabbits 17-9


- defeated Tripoli (rooms) 10-7

- defeated Fought to Fight It 22-0

- defeated House of Smoke and Mirrors 15-10

- lost to Suburbia 18-7

- MY VOTE - Born to Kill


Voting for this round will most likely end on Monday, possibly on Thursday (see above). Happy voting!

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