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More Star Wars Question(ing)

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so there's the Empire

makes large weapons

that can destroy planets

rules the known galaxy

so Having watched the original trilogy

and seen episode 1-3 a few times.

question is, where are the females working for the empire?

I could see someone working for the empire, pulls up in his tie fighter

"hey babe. *leans against the machine, pulls a drag of his cig*

"what are we doing tonight?*

"tee hee. I don't know"

"I've got nothing going on. have to get up early Monday, Vader wants me to shine his helmet again."

"oh, didn't know you were that way"

"no no, trust me, I like girls, its just if I don't do this once a space week, he will force choke me, and we don't want that, do we?"


and begin discussion.....now! ;)

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Good question.


The answer is i don't know. In some non-movie stuff like video games etc. there are some imperial pilots, but i don't remember much else where there are women. They must be around. Maybe they just do the housekeeping and make delicious lunches for Tie Fighter pilots etc.?

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"where were you last night?"

"out with the boys,kicking those fucking ewoks"

"then why did I hear you were nailing that floosie at Jabba's?"

"I was not doing that"

*waves hand*

"you weren't doing that."

"you want to give me head tonight."

"I want to.....no, I am pissed off at you."

The Force is not strong with this one.

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