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Cold Harbour? (lights Of Endangered Species Megathread!)

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At first I wasn't overly impressed with this album, but the more I listen to it the more I love it. Easily one of my favourites, band or solo. My favs are Shallow's Low, Set Me On Fire, and of course, Non Populus. I'm a little surpirsed by the lack of love for Vancouver on some of the rankings on here though, I would rank it above Hospital Music. Avalanche > LOES > Vancouver > Hospital Music > WLR&RR

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rebellious_L, I'm with you on Vancouver. Think it's a fantastic album. "Volcanoes" and "Empty's Theme Park" can stand toe-to-toe with anything he's ever put out, IMO. I would rank his solo works:


Avalanche (my favorite album of all time) > Vancouver > LOES > Hospital Music (which I still love) > WLR&RR.


It's funny that WLR&RR is my least favorite album, because it's still DAMN GOOD. "Blue Skies Over Bad Lands" and "We're So Heavy" are awesome tracks, and most musicians would be ecstatic to put an album out of this quality. Matthew Good is just a freaking musical genius that compared with his other albums, WLR&RR falls just a little short.

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In a Place of Lesser Men started out really strong but the last few times I've listened to this album I've thought it kind of seems out of place for some reason. I think the album would flow better and be better without it.

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