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This is a site that pairs you up with someone else with a webcam so you can chat with people around the world face to face.


Sounds good in theory right? This website makes me weep for humanity.


No one ever wants to talk to you, unless you have tits.


Guys hold signs on their cams wanting to see boobs for Haiti?


2/3rds of every cam you see is some dude masturbating


If you can actually chat with someone for more than 10 seconds, you've achieved something almost impossible.


This site makes me hate life, and I am never going there again, just wondering if any of you have tried it out?

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this reminds me of this site that one of my friend's was hooked on: http://omegle.com/

same kinda thing only without the video aspect...

its just typing with a stranger that it pairs you up with... i think it even labels you as 'stranger'..

never bothered trying though.. just seemed kinda awkward to me.

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hahaha.. my roommate showed this to me .. it's pretty sketchy at times and you do see a lot of unnecessary naked guys (which is the reason I don't think I'll ever go back)


..seems like it's getting more and more popular though, based on the number of people (about a month ago it was at like 4000 now it's up to 30 000)

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i went on with a friend of mine not long ago.

might just be scarred for life.


although, i did run into this chubby guy in boxer shorts dancing around his room like an idiot.

i thought that was kindof funny.

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i went on to check it out. quickly browsed through about 10 people. Got a nude guy masturbating, some frat boys just chillin' out, and a big really muscular guy with his shirt off. But most of the people look normal and are just staring at the camera wanting to chat. Unfortunately i dont want to chat with them, it feels too weird.

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