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Shutter Island

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I saw it opening night.


Aside from the twist being extremely predictable about 30 minutes in... it was alright, I wouldn't go see it again.

I had issues with the score, basically being way too intense and melodramatic for no reason (like when they first get to the island).

And Dicaprio as this post-wwii alcoholic detective that was one of the first soldiers to uncover dachau, It's hard to swallow when he's such a pretty boy and looks like he's 16.

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It's not best Scorsese, but it's Scorsese, so it's still pretty good. The "twist" isn't really played like a twist, which is good, as that plot beat is stupid beyond belief. All the tie-ins regarding the h-bomb development were fun to tease around, though he didn't say anything particularly interesting, or forcefully.


But all that said, a really entertaining movie with just enough depth to merit thinking about.

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