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Any Wilco fans here? I figure there probably will be, as they're endorsed by Mr. Good himself. I've been a fan since the Summerteeth era. And I'd have to say that's my favourite of their albums. I've found their more modern work to be a touch too experimental for my tastes. Still quite enjoyable, but not so much as their earlier works... of course, I feel the same way about Radiohead.

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Yeah, I was also amazed at how long the set was. My wife was even impressed by them live, and she rolls her eyes and groans every time I play one of their CD's.


They're just one of those bands with a very incredible stage presence... which I suppose they should be, considering how long they've been around.

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saw them on wednesday.


great show. they played a long set, which was nice, and i got to hear just about every song that i wanted to. good variety in the setlist.

the encore was like, six or seven songs long.

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