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2009-10 Matthew Good (band) Elimination

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Round 7 Results!


1) Avalanche vs. 4) Sort of a Protest Song 12-10

2) While We Were Hunting Rabbits vs. 3) Suburbia 12-10


So we have the same final we had 4 years ago, but will the outcome be the same?


post-1669-1268164277.jpgBRONZE MEDAL MATCH!


Sort of a Protest Song defeated:

- Under the Influence 21-4

- 21st Century Living 21-3

- Last Parade 19-8

- Prime Time Deliverance 13-13

- Advertising on Police Cars 12-11

- finished 4th in vote-off with -3 points

- LOST to Avalanche 12-10

Suburbia defeated:

- Agoraphobe 17-2

- Jenni's Song 19-3

- On Nights Like Tonight 25-2

- Tripoli 18-7

- Man of Action 14-9

- finished 3rd in vote-off with -3 points

- LOST to While We Were Hunting Rabbits 12-10

- MY VOTE - Suburbia


post-1669-1268164471.jpgGOLD MEDAL MATCH!



Avalanche defeated:

- Avalanche (Massey Hall) 16-6

- Us Remains Impossible 19-2

- Strange Days 22-2

- Single Explosion 16-4

- Prime Time Deliverance 13-10

- finished 1st in vote-off with 10 points

- Sort of a Protest Song 12-10

While We Were Hunting Rabbits defeated:

- All Together 20-5

- Truffle Pigs 15-9

- Flashdance II 25-2

- Born to Kill 19-6

- Near Fantastica 13-10

- finished 2nd in vote-off with 2 points

- Suburbia 12-10

- MY VOTE - WHILE WE WERE HUNTING RABBITS plays more to the mood I'm in today


This is the final round so I'll leave it open for 2 weeks and then I'll post the final results. Happy Voting!

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