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Is There A Free App I Can Use To Make My Own Ringtones?

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Well that depends on a number of factors.


Your phone (assuming it isn't ancient) probably takes mp3's. This issue is never so much making the files (you can cut them up with a number of free apps) the issue is usually getting them onto the phone.


I used to trick my moto by hosting the files on a local web-server and then pointing it straight there. You pay for the bandwidth though.


If you have one of those nifty Apple iPhones, it's dead simple to make a ringtone for it (you just have to trick iTunes into thinking the file is a ringtone)

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I use this site: http://audiko.net/


I have an iPhone and the ones on there work great for that. You can download them in other formats as well, for other phones, I can't say how well that works though. You can also upload your own clips there and I guess you can then download them in the appropriate format, I haven't tried that myself either though.

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