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Chronic Masturbation (and Other Bad Habits)

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I bite my nails

I tend to drive/ride to fast when I'm alone

To honest for my own good

Tend to ride in to save the day for the people I care about(I call it Errol Flynn-drome)

I am too patient

I am too quick to sacrifice my own wants and needs for others

I have a very hard time dealing with death

I have no fear of people or my own death

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I procrastinate on little things like picking up my clothes, folding laundry... Which is weird, because I'm such a hardass when it comes to working efficiently at my job, or planning events for/with friends.


I have a bad habit of talking about J a lot, around Kevin.


And asking for/demanding sex, as opposed to being sexy and seductive.

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I guess one's standards are substantially lowered whilst employed in the military, eh?


Anything I'm unlikely to hear a person in uniform say is pretty damned attractive, actually, so I think you're correct. Bring me your cheese fetishists, your origami pornographers, your balloon popping nudists. I will embrace them all.

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