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i like them a lot. i never got into them until their last album came out, but i've heard it all, more or less, and my favorite songs are on the newest album, though i do enjoy their older, more raw sounding stuff, too.


saw them live last summer. it was the most disgusting and embarrassing crowd i've ever been in. we were there early enough to hear sound check from outside, and get a good spot near the front of the line. just before the doors opened, a mass of people at the back of the line bum rushed the front and it ended up just being a giant bubble of people pushing, trying to get in first. then we managed to get good spots, about three 'rows' of people from the front, and spent the rest of the show trying to maintain our spots, cuz people were being real indignant about trying to push by to get up front. i had to fend off some prick trying to pry by me, who i'd seen outside trying to buy a ticket right before the show. i had my ticket the morning they went on sale, and this guy just got his ticket, and i'm fighting him for foot space?! we were heat exhausted and more or less punch drunk after the show. it kinda sucked, cuz it was hard to enjoy the music, while being pushed and pulled and pried at by fuckheads.

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Wish I could say otherwise, but yeah, I was a crowd follower too. Moon and Antarctica takes top spots though.


And I have no idea what it is with Modest Mouse, but they seem to attract music snob assholes like me just as much as college frat types. All that narcissism just doesn't blend very well.


I tried to find some news on an actual new album just before starting this thread, but not a peep. I figured since Arcade Fire and The New Pornographers and the other big scene bands that last put out albums around that time are putting out their new stuff in May that they wouldn't be far behind. No word yet though. They are re-releasing The Moon and Antarctica on vinyl though, which is tempting in a "Things I Have No Need For" kind of way.


Oh, and I saw them live about a year and a half ago: Incredible what they do with their music. As grungy and dissonant as it can be on the album, it's nothing to the weird discord they bring to the stage.

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they're solid I had to go back a couple of years ago and revisit. When I was your age(lol) back in like 98 I couldn't really get into it, even though I was listening to other similar stuff. That said..these days they are solid, for the most part. I find that I skip songs here and there and end up listening to a playlist of several songs from several different albums/eps.

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Would just edit this in, but different subject, so:


I didn't check out the singles they released over the past year until now, but it's a fairly substantial amount of material. A lot of it sounds promising (more rough than We Were Dead though, which is surprising). Really curious to see what's coming. Also they're playing at the Pitchfork Music Festival if you have some time and a little too much money. And don't mind hanging out with Pitchforkers.


They're mostly done touring though, so one hopes they're making progress.

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