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What Did The Easter Bunny Get For You This Year?

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good chocolate (lame) or a sweet Playstation 3 (cool)?

I'm 26 and I prefer the chocolates, but the kids these days, they actually want the video games and the hippity hoppity records.

*roll me out to the sitting room, I'll be there until dinner*

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easter supper with the family went as well as it could have.

except I made the mistake of talking.



but was cool was watching 60 minutes and the simpsons with uncles and cousin.

they agreed that the smokeless tobacco sounds pretty cool.

you just put it in your mouth and suck on it during a meeting or a class.

that's what I told her.


and there is 0 chance of medical papers saying it causes cancer, yet.

I'm going to check this out.


kind of.

probably not really.

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My boyfriend and I got a bunch of chocolate bunnies from my parents, grandparents and his parents… I keep telling my family that I have no desire for that much sugar, but they must be holding on to my childhood or something. My 27 year old brother and his wife got the same treatment.


Oh, also, while we were playing lazer tag Easter evening, a friend of mine got T-boned at an intersection (her boyfriend was playing with us when she called in a panic). Someone ran a red light. The impact ended up just behind her seat, so she was generally OK, but it's still pretty fucked.

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