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people of North Korea are suffering, but they need to wake up and get a soundtrack to their revolution.

fantasy I know, but let's say i get a few thousand blank cds, and a few thousand cd players, and able to get these over the borders, pass the military and into the palms of the youth, who upon listening to them, are motivated enough to say NO, no lil' Kim.

so what do I/We put on the cds?


I vote for Rage Against The Machine - any

Matthew Good - Beautiful Midnight, Avalanche, Generation X-Wing

the (International) Noise Conspiracy - survival sickness


and after reading this, you have two things you can do,


A: Get really pissed off that Sodamntired has made another thread, and has forced you to read it, taking time away from your porn


B: Pull your panties out of your asshole and post a well thought out addition to the thread.


Thank You, good night.


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