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So I'm not going to say much about the content of the game yet but this is what you need to know: it's an online multiplayer game and you don't need to download anything to play it. It's set in space and you can play it solo or in a large group. You can build things and, of course, kill any of the other players!


I'll probably make this playable on smartphones like the iPod as well (for when you're bored in class or the train). I'm contemplating on putting some Facebook integration in but I don't want to be as annoying as that damned Farmville game, so probably not.


Here are some screenshots from in-game.


Note: Most of the stuff in the column on the right are just dummy values so don't read into that too much.



Some of you may have seen this one already, this is the "tactical map." It's for moving around faster and hunting for people. The little red circles in the top right of each sector indicates that there's a person there. You can only see those when you're in the line of sight (the yellow boxes).



Combat isn't quite ready yet but you can at least kill each other right now.



Graphics aren't in place yet but you can kind of see how it goes. There's a little radar type screen up there where you can see who's in the area with you.


I'm going to be opening up testing to more people soon if anyone here is mildly interested in this sort of thing.


I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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