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Have you heard the new single? What do you think?


I love STP, the single is what I expected from the boys. Can't wait for the full album. Should be great. Heard it's very Beatles-Esque, very 60's... some reviews of the listening party have called it one of the best albums of the last decade of music.


My favourite album they did was Purple but I liked all of them for different reasons.


Any other fans?

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Purple and Tiny Music are for me by far the best records they made.


Silvergun Superman is my favorite song by them.



Book 'em Dan-O!!! That's one of my favs as well!!! I haven't heard this new single, but I am excited.

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It figures someone would choose the radio singles....never fails.


And it figures you have to make a ridiculous statement like this... If they are his favourite tracks, so be it. Singles or not.



favourite songs...



Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart


Silvergun Superman


Too Cool Queenie

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these dudes need to fucking stay retired.


scott weiland is an insufferable piece of shit, not even smart enough to realize that being a piece of shit is what makes him somewhat interesting. he tries to mask it under a pretence of being arty -- tormented, even-- when he'd be much better off just embracing what an awful person he is. his lyrics are misogynistic, his whole "rock star" persona is merely posturing, and he plays on his vices as though he has no control over them, glamorizing the whole addict lifestyle by always tacking the "redemption" narrative on at the end.


iggy pop is an idiot, but he's a fucking savant compared to this asshole. plus, pop has an incredible awareness of who he is and uses that to his advantage. he plays up the dumb-guy thing really well and gets away with a lot.


the same goes for the rest of the band, but to a lesser extent. but because they soundtrack his idiotic lyrics with even worse downtuned, primitive, dad-rock kind of schlock, they have to be categorized with their leader.

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