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I downloaded some episodes from this season of "Lost" via torrents. I want to burn the episodes onto DVD so i play them on my DivX DVD player. They aren't AVI files though, each episodes comes with a bunch of DVD-style files like this:


VIDEO_TS / VTS_01_1.VOB (760.8 MB)

VIDEO_TS / VTS_01_0.BUP (32 KB)

VIDEO_TS / VTS_01_0.IFO (32 KB)




So 2 questions:


1- Can i stick more than one episode like the above on a blank DVD, or do i have to stick each episode on its own disc? (i'm not every experienced with burning DVD's or DVD files, i usually just burn AVI's)


2. How the heck do i burn them onto a blank DVD? The only program i have is Nero.

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You'll need something to convert the video file to a DVD format. I've never worked with a .VOB but I use VSO ConvertXtoDVD (downloadable). You should be able to use that to take your VOB file and convert it to DVD format (Audio_TS and Video_TS folders) and then burn those to disc. As for more than one episode per disc....should be possible if you convert multiple .VOB files in one conversion (VSO will also generate menus if you want). The program will automatically scale conversions to fit a user-selectable disc size, so you can burn many episodes at a low quality, or a few at good quality.


Like I said, I've never used this for VOB but as I understand it you won't need the .IFO or .BUP files.

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From what I understand, VOB files are essentially RAW DVD files. So, they shouldn't need any converting when burning them. If you're using Nero and trying to burn a DVD, you should be able to drag and drop all the files into the video_ts folder that Nero sets up for every DVD.


If you're using single layer DVDs (DVD-5, or 4.36GB) I would only recommend a few episodes per disc. If you're using dual layer DVDs (DVD-9) then double that. If Lost is roughly a 47 minute show, I personally would have no more than 4 episodes per disc.

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