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Do you like hip hop? if so who are you listening too?


i am mostly into the more 'underground' stuff. stuff like el-p, saul williams, sage francis,Mr. lif, atmosphere and aesop rock. Although i think the term 'underground' is kind of dead due to the internet.

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wu tang is pretty good i'll have to get one of there albums. any suggestions? I reallly really liked that B.T.K.

Either Wu Tang Forever or 36 Chambers is a good place to start, their first two albums. Wu Tang is a funny group, I think they have more solo albums than group albums.

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Wu-Tang always, The Roots, Lil Kim, Jay Z LL COOL J, Busta of course, Swollen Members, NWA, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube(Before he started acting), The D.O.C., Snoop, Outkast, Cypress Hill, Mos Def, 2pac(when he was alive), EPMD and Erick B. and Rakim from back in the day.


Eminem, Kanye, and B.O.B deserve honorable mentions, I was really diggin Drake(Yes I remember him from Degrassi) until I saw him live last weekend, and he talked through most of the goddamned set. I'll stick with his studio shit. If I see him again and he pulls that shit, I may take the mic and beat him with it.

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the BTK mention is sad, but not surprising.


surprised no one has mentioned nas yet. his output is inconsistent, but his first album is possibly the best hip hop album of all time.



wu tang member gza was the first of the group to put out a strong solo record that few have been able to top.



underground hip hop would not exist were it not for a tribe called quest. these guys were conscious hip hop through and through. i recommend checking out their midnight marauders album if you get the chance.



one of the more recent artists i listen to quite a bit is mf doom (aka doom, madvillain, viktor vaughn, etc). he has a great flow and has worked with some of the best producers out there (madlib, j dilla, RJD2).


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he said "that shit fucked the iraqis". i think the lyrics are still as relevant today as they were 8 years ago. which is, in a way, unfortunate.


look for "attention to deficit"


that el-p track is sick.

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