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Though I've hardly played Half-Life, even I think it's ridiculous that ep. 3 isn't out at this point. They can hammer out two Left 4 Dead's in just under a year, but they can't get more Half-Life out?

Oh, I also wouldn't be shocked if L3ft 4 D3ad 3 were announced, but I hope not.

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What was the big surprise? Half Life 2 ep 3?


E3 is June 15-17.


I'm curious to see Xbox Project Natal and PS3's motion device in action with real games that will be released for it this fall. I don't really have high hopes for the devices but it will still be interesting to see the games and industry impressions.

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Man, I've really been out of the loop for this. It's been way too long - don't take it as a joke, but any rumors from Nintendo aside from the 3D DS will have more processing power than the 360/PS3?

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