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I didn't get to see them but I heard a lot about them when I was down there.


the bands I saw were... (for some amount of time or another)


Tokyo Police Club

Tenacious D

The Bridge

the Flaming Lips doing Dark Side of the Moon

Kings of Leon

Jay Z

The Avett Brothers

Zach Brown Band

John Fogerty

Dave Matthews Band

Les Claypool


LCD Soundsystem

Damien Marley and Nas


Stevie Wonder

John Butler Trio


the highlights:

- Flaming Lips did their own stuff for about 45 mintues... then came back on to do Darkside. It was incredible, one of the best things i've ever seen musically and visually. The perfect set for Mushrooms.

- John Fogerty was too good. Lots of CCR material which I was pretty happy to hear. Nobody can sing like him and he can still belt out the tunes these days.

- Galactic was awesome. If you haven't heard of them, it's just dirty funk music. Danced my ass off for them (rigth after the Flaming Lips)

- The Bridge, if you haven't heard of them either, check it out. You won't be upset.

- And of course, Stevie Wonder was awesome. Never thought I'd see him ever and he did not dissapoint one bit.

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I saw them once live, and it was sweet what they did with another band.


A band I like moe. was playing, members of Galactic came out one by one and switched with moe. and played a song, and then then switched back to moe.


It looks like this moe./Galactic band switch>Galactic song>Galactic/moe. band switch>moe. song

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