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Moonlight, that dude is fucking off the motherfucking chain!!! I mean jesus all that extra movement and not missing a beat. Jesus.


That's what i'm talking about. He entertains and drums at the same time. And he is really into the music, which i love. When i see a band live, the biggest thing that hits me about a drummer is how much they are into the music and are feeling the groove. Somebody can have skills up the shaznut, but if they looked bored and aren't hitting the drums with authority/enthusiasm it turns me off.


There are few things in this world that piss me off more than rock bands/musicians who aren't into the music and leaving it all out there on stage. Its a disgrace to the Gods of Rock.


oh and btw that drummer is way too good for that crappy joke band. It pains me whenever i see an amazing musician stuck in a crappy band just cuz there his/her "friends". Its equally painful when an amazing band is hampered by one lousy member, usually the singer.

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