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I Need A Cheap Cellphone Plan

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I'm with Koodo, their phone selection kinda sucks, but I got a flip phone with a QWERTY keyboard and it does the trick.


I pay $30/mo and I get unlimited long distance+ texting to 5 people (5 fav's or whatever), as well as something like 30 or 60 normal minutes and 30 texts I think.


Point is: It's no iphone, and I don't talk/text to more than 5 people anyway, so the plan works for me.

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There is a ton of payphones in Ottawa, I am sure you could still find them in Toronto too.... but i dont know if you would really want to use them. But I agree with the Koodo, it is the cheapest you will find.

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im stuck with either fido or rogers for now. wind looks promising but apparently they don't even cover the university. fuck.


Which Uni?


I use Rogers Pay as you Go. $20 a month, and of that $20, $10 gives me unlimited texting. I don't phone much, it's pretty expensive to with pay as you go.

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