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Top 5 All Time Favorite Video Games?

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Kingdom Hearts doesn't have random battles? Don't let that ruin it for you! XD Kingdom Hearts is an amazing game.


Actually, Disney is about to put out a new game called "Epic Mickey", which has RPG elements in it. From what I've seen so far, it's going to be an amazing game, not just for kids. It has a really interesting story line and amazing graphics.


is that the one that is coming out for the wii? it's all dark and scary looking. I don't have a wii but that game does look pretty cool.

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I never got into shadow of colossus... awhile back i was in a game lobby with a friend and i was going off about how much i disliked it and everyone jumped on me. If i could get my PS2 up and working again i would give it another try because i for sure missed something. Honestly i didn't even get to the 1st colossus.


I was the same at first. I tried the demo, and i got to the first Colossus but couldn't figure out how to beat it, so i quit. Years later I borrowed it from a friend, figured it out, and then the game was amazing, probably my favorite PS2 game ever. If u didnt get to the 1st Colossus then you barely played the game since that happens only like 20 minutes into the game.

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ice hockey (nes)



It's impossibru to really cut it down to five... I'll cheat and go by franchise:


Final Fantasy

Metal Gear

Super Smash Brothers (Just TRY and stop my N64 Link, GC Marth, Wii Olimar!)

Super Mario Brothers

Marvel VS Capcom



And yes, I'm the same, FF9 is probably the last FF game I ever finished. I tried to play FF10, but I absolutely hated the Sphere grid and Blitz ball, 11 was online and seriously, 12 is a piece of shit.


12's story line, voice acting and game play is extremely bland and boring. I'm really interested in trying 13, but I don't have a PS3 sad.png Choked to hear 14 is going to be online again. I haven't been an MMO person for a really long time, I've lucky escaped the grip of WoW, and I hate the idea of having to pay monthly for a game.


Anyone try Crisis Core and Dissidia? I bought them for Kevin, but haven't tried them myself.


Nerd time.


FFX is arguably an incredible game, though I understand how many aspects are unappealing. The sphere grid is a decent system in my opinion, but I agree that Blitzball is pretty suck. FFXII should be given another chance though. Again, I agree that it does come off rather bland, the game itself is quite good, and it does become slightly story intensive. The game improves ten-fold if you have the Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System version(unfortunately PAL only), which has a forced job classes. Also, if you're a fan of the Final Fantasy: Tactics game(s), they take place in the same world, making the story a bit more interesting to follow.


FFXIII on the other hand, is absolute garbage. Along with games like Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus, It only corroborates my theory that the franchise is progressively losing quality; They will never be able to create games like they used to, especially when comparing their new production line to that of pre-Enix Square. While Dirge of Cerberus was unadulterated shit, Crisis Core's final mission and it's most difficult enemy, the optional boss Minerva, almost make the game worth the play. Mostly still shit though.


FF: Dissidia on the other hand, not unlike Ehrgeiz(A similar Squaresoft arcade fighter), is an decently enjoyable side game. I think it's the only tolerable cash-cow spin off from the RPG genre they've made a name for. The others were obviously shit games by shit writers, developed and released simply to keep the name 'Final Fantasy' on the shelf and make a few $$$ on the side.

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hmmm this is hard! Ok in no particular order:


Beyond Good and Evil

The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker

Chrono Trigger

Half-Life 2





edit, honourable mentions:


Chrono Cross (tough putting Chrono Trigger instead of this, I loved both games)

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey


StarWars: Knights of the Old Republic

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion


Super Mario 64

Donkey Kong Country

Team Fortress 2


Shin Megami Tensai: Persona 3

Shin Megami Tensai: Persona 4

Halo: Combat Evolved




ahhh too many good games to name

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