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I saw it and thought it was quite good. The obvious eye candy was there in the cinematography and fight scenes, and yet it still had a good backstory and plot to it. I was wary that the subtitles would get in the way but they added to the overall flavour in my opinion. The one negative I must add is the fact that it got confusing at times as to what parts meant what to the story. Or, I may just be a tad slow.


Aside: I don't like the fact that Quentin Tarantino had nothing to do with the movie but the suggestion that it be aired here, and it has suddenly become "Quentin Tarantino Presents..."


Your thoughts on the movie?

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I hated the trailers. I've seen the theatrical release of the version on a region-9 DVD. I bought an imported DVD. The North American trailers not only gave away the twist, it made the film look like an action film. For those who have seen it, it's not an action film. I liked it. Though some people say the movie is complicated, I did not find it complicated.


There are two people telling the stories, Nameless, and the Emperor. The first set of flash backs are Jet Li's version of how he defeated the Assassins. The last set of flash backs belong to the Emperor. In these last set, the Emperor declares he does not think Jet Li told the truth. Therefore the Emperor tells Jet Li what he thinks REALLY happened.


I like Jet Li. He makes good films. Except all his good films, for example Once a upon a time in China, are not hollywood. So it was good to see Jet Li make a good movie.

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