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I have been a fan of Chris's work for quite awhile he is an amazing director and writer. He's made A Dark Knight and Memento to name a few. So far I have loved them all so after seeing trailers and reading about Inception I was excited!


Anyhow, I just got back from watching and I'm blown away. The visual effects where phenomenal and much like Memento he ends it leaving you wondering. And to my delight Leonard out did himself acting once again.


Just curious who else and seen it and what others think about the ending? Does the fact that the top wobble imply that he was in fact not dreaming? Because it never actually fell. What do You think?


I think I'll have to take my mom to watch it again...

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Well, there is a lot of uncertainty about everything in the ending. There are some people who say that Cobb never left the basement with all the people sleeping (If you remember, after he woke up he went to spin his totem and was interrupted and never fell on its own and apparently, though I didn't notice it, he doesn't spin it again until the end where it doesn't fall) Personally, I think that he was in limbo still at the end and had just given up. If you notice, his kids are wearing the same clothes they wore throughout the whole movie and don't look like they have aged.

Big spoiler tag.

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I noticed the same thing, but once again my mom and I disagree. She says because it wobbled, and it had never done that, that it was real life, I say he finally accpets this as his real life although it is limbo or a dream in a dream or whatever...because all he wanted was to be with his kids.
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I want to go see it badly... I'll wait though. I love Leonardo's acting. Probably one of the best actors out there right now.


Personally I'd recommend watching it on the big screen... if you meant wait as in wait for it to come out for rent.... there's just too much going on for a little screen (unless you have an amazing TV) but I know on my TV it would be a cluster and mind fuck haha...


BUT do as you want just suggesting

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Truly amazing movie...Christopher Nolan is fantastic as a director, and the acting across the board was suberp. Joseph Gordon-Levitt surprised me the most with his acting chops, as we all know Leonardo is awesome when he gets immersed in a project.


As for the ending, I love how Nolan leaves it up for interpretation. My view is that the tack only wobbled to give it the "potential" of not being a dream, but I tend to think he's still stuck in la-la land.


I've watched it 3 times already and plan on showing it to my folks (who are visiting for xmas) this holiday season. Highly recommended movie!

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